Camp Information

What Sets Us Apart


    What Sets Our Camp Apart? Appreciation: From the registration process to the last spike, we want to show you and your players our appreciation for your choice of our camp. We pledge to you that we will run our camp to the highest level of efficiency in terms of organization and communication as possible.   

Fun: Camp has to be fun. We strive to build an atmosphere that is friendly and full of activities that both coaches and players will enjoy. We like to see smiles at our camps.   

Productive: We work hard at hiring the best officials possible and building a competitive schedule for your team. Our camp is no different than your team; we never stay the same, we are either working hard to improve or we are regressing. This will be our 26th year of running camps and we intend for it to be the best.  

Camp Philosophy


  Camp Philosophy: We began the Licking Summer Camps 26 years ago because we as coaches were tired of paying what we thought were outrageous fees to college coaches for camps that were poorly run. We felt we could do a better job at a much lower price. Now, twenty-five years later, we still feel the same. 

Our camp is designed to provide you and your players an inexpensive, organized and competitive setting for off-season improvement. 

We work hard to schedule you against teams of equal ability. It does a team no good to come to a summer camp and win every match easily, nor is it a benefit to your teams’ development to lose every match by a wide margin.    



     “Season is off to a great start; 4-0 and ranked #8 in Class 2-A. Your camp got us off to a great start and we learned a lot about our team while having a great time!” John Adams, Okoboji, IA  


 “Just wanted to let you know that my team finished 18-0 in conference. We finally did it. 3A North Conference Champs in Valley Springs, Arkansas. We have come a long way since the first year that we attended your camp in Branson. I just want to say thank you for hosting such a great camp. My players and I look forward to it every summer.” Christie Popejoy, Valley Springs, AR 

  “Thanks again for another great experience.” Jason Peters, Heston, KS   

“As always, our schedule gave us very competitive matchups.” Andy Hampton, Wellington-Napolian  

   “Very well organized camp. You guys always cater to our every need.Joyce Williams, Northeast, Clarksville, TN   

“Excellent! I love the everybody knows my name of this camp.” Marlene Talbert, Kirksville   

“I always appreciate how I am greeted by your staff and how we always feel so welcome.” Elise Asher, St. Elmo-Brownstown, IL   

  “Your camp has become an important tradition for us and how we prepare for the season.” Ron Underwood, Mid Buchanan   

“Very well run, that is why we come back year after year.” Stephanie Curbow, Ash Grove   

“We love playing teams we never get to see.” Curt Riley, Tolton Catholic   

“Great Communication. Your response to our pre camp e-mails was great.” Rachel Stagg, Lathrop   

“As a first time attendee, everything was so easy to follow.” Shana Engel, Kirksville   

“This is a very smooth run camp.” Lisa Stiefel, Keota, OK    

  “Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this camp.”  Deanna Rohling, Neodesha, KS  

 “One of the most organized camps we have been to.” Shelly Stone, Limestone, IL  

 “Great camp. We felt very welcome.” Lee Coakley, Triad, IL   

“Thank you for scheduling our varsity and JV teams together. It was a big help.”  Stuart Creamer, Danville, AR   

“As always, everything was great. We will always be back.” Kayla Schultz, Centralia  

  “We are treated like family and that is why we keep making the long trip to come.” Liz Chermack, Enid, OK  

 “We appreciate the positive attitudes of the staff.” Craig Cummins, Jonesboro, AR